Be Changed By: Charity Huba

If you are like me, you have been raised in a church. I played hide-and-go-seek between the pews, drew pictures during sermons, and knew every word to every song repeated innumerable times. It has been a beautiful life and a golden childhood. I thank God for it. But, in a sense, it’s a struggle and a curse. It’s easy to become complacent and callus when so involved in church and the ministry. It becomes mundane to hear a good sermon, it becomes dull to feel conviction, and a habit to be inspired momentarily. We do not change nor progress.

You are an accountable, mature, and independent young lady! So, you are responsible for revival; the prayer, the fasting, and work that brings it. We are not children anymore and must put away childish ways.

It hurts to grow up. Don’t I know it! I recently moved out on my own. It’s exciting and I enjoy the privacy. But the bills, home care, and long list of responsibilities- not so much. But, we cannot stay vulnerable naive kids forever. Although it’s a challenge, it feels good to be responsible! I get the benefits of having an adorable personalized home, being on my own schedule, and getting to host parties and have friends over!

The same can be said of our spiritual efforts. It’s hard to push yourself to spiritually “grow up”; the large amount of praying, painful fasting, and time consuming service to the church. But, the benefits are far beyond what you can imagine. And they last beyond life itself! You will be happier, have more peace, be motivated about life, and get to be used to better those around you.

God forbid we stand before the throne on judgment day, next to someone we knew from our earthly life and hear them say: “She never told me! She never invited me to church! I went to school with her, I worked with her and she never reached out to me once…” all because we spent a lifetime playing games.

“Getting pumped” from a good conference or a moving church camp lasts for about a week or even two. But, being changed stays with you at your core for all time. Stop being stirred and be changed.

about blogger

Charity is a 23 year old Floridian. She is the financial secretary for her church and works at Division of Elections for the State. She drives an old beat-up 2000 Honda Accord that has one wind shield wiper and her favorite Disney princess is Pocahontas!


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