Beware the Signs

If you were to walk up to me, point your finger in my face, and accuse me of backsliding… “Offended” would hardly describe my feelings toward you.

It’s funny how we think we’re exempt from the possibility of backsliding. We see it happen all around us and never contemplate the likelihood of it being a reality for ourselves. But, we are human and are faced with temptations daily. No one, and I mean no one, is exempt from temptation of turning away from God. So, daily we must study ourselves for accountability.

The moment you think you are fine and lower your guard…is the moment you’re right where the devil wants you. The Devil lurks around waiting for numb minds that give themselves over to complacency. Complacency (a spiritual life of comfort; void of hunger for God) turns into a dead conscience and a passionless relationship with Jesus. This leads one to be susceptible to anything that attacks them.

Don’t ever stop examining yourself for any spiritual flaws or imperfections. You can never stop trying to be more holy! Before ministry, before any dream, or desire; our priority above all should be wanting to be a vessel acceptable in the sight of the righteous God.

Never become “cocky” and overly confident to think that you don’t have to keep yourself in check. Doing this consists of much prayer, fasting, personal evaluation, and accountability from others (a friend, pastor’s wife, youth pastor’s wife, etc.)

In these last days, the pressure of this world and devises of the enemy are more relentless than ever. You MUST make sure you are truly stable and steadfast!

Galatians 6:7, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Sometimes we can “lie” to ourselves. We know of that secret sin, the silent struggle, and invisible temptation that pesters us daily. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re imperfect, because God knows we all are! Be honest with yourself and seek help. Seek God. Get desperate with him!

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Charity is a 23 year old Floridian. She is the financial secretary for her church and works at Division of Elections for the State. She drives an old beat-up 2000 Honda Accord that has one wind shield wiper and her favorite Disney princess is Pocahontas!

The Best Instagram Shops: Morgan Tolson

I absolutely love to shop, #typicalAG. Can I get an amen?!  Personally, I am more of an online shopper.  It’s convenient & much easier than shuffling through racks of clothing.
Instagram offers a whole new level of online shopping. There are countless clothing stores that advertise or sell their product on IG!  Instagram makes shopping just as easy as browsing your daily feed.  Some shops have even made purchasing as easy as leaving a comment, although most still require clicking the link in their bio to purchase.  I have compiled some of my favorite IG clothing shops for my favorite AG girls, happy shopping!
1. @poppyanddot – A personal favorite! Although the company is not specifically apostolic, Poppy & Dot offers a number of modest tops, skirts, and dresses. I have ordered countless times, always happy with the results. Once they post an item, you must simply comment your size and email address, within minutes you will have an invoice show up in your inbox!
Tip: Sign up for post notifications so that you don’t miss out on any of the good stuff!
2. @allthingsnewapp – All Things New Apparel is an apostolic company offering one of a kind boutique, vintage and designer items for cheap. So not everyone will have these items! ATNA post available items frequently on IG, if you see something you like you can click the link in the bio to find it. It also happens to be run by the lovely Tiffany Huba, former contributed to AG!
3. @youneedmystuff – An adorable resell shop ran by an adorable apostolic girl! This shop offers unique, pre-loved clothing at a very affordable price. Warning, many of her items go quick!
4. @m.carey_  – An Aransas based clothing shop ran by an apostolic girl! M. Carey offers adorable modest clothing, for the modern day women. Click the link in their bio to shop!
5. @shopsteviehender – This is a relatively new shop offering many feminine dresses and tops. The shop is not strictly modest clothing, so you have to keep your eye out for the good stuff! They post available items often on IG, click the link in their bio to purchase.
6. @skirtsociety – Another up and coming, Arkansas based company! This apostolic company continues to impress.  Offering many skirt and shirt options, it makes putting an outfit together effortless! Click the link in their bio to shop.
7. @effortlessshop – I love this resale shop! The owner posts the most adorable and classy pieces. Simply be the first to comment to claim your item!
8. @cladandcloth – Clad and Cloth is an online store that does a wonderful job of posting their favorite items on IG. They are currently carrying some adorable dresses, click the link in their bio to shop!
9. @theresajcloset – If you love resale shopping, here’s another option for you! This shop posts lots of skirt, dresses, and the occasional vintage item. Comment to claim your item.
10. @shopmorninglavendar – An online boutique based out of Santa Ana, CA. I have ordered from this shop many times, and I am always satisfied. They do a wonderful job of posting adorable items on IG, but items must be purchased through the link in their bio. Tip: Shop the sale section for more affordable options!
Morgan Tolson is happily married to her AR campground sweetheart, Andrew. They recently became first time homeowners in small town, Cave Springs, AR. They both work in youth ministry and love playing golf together. Morgan’s current project is teaching herself how to sew!