Hello Awesome Shop Review

We love bringing you new products and ideas – especially when they originate from an Apostolic Girl! (Girl power!!) So our AG Editor, Shenae Andrus, is highlighting a shop she found online with adorable merchandise. Big bonus… it’s all done by an AG artist! Use the promotion code mentioned in the video to get 15% off of your purchase at Hello Awesome Shop!

EXTRAordinary: Sarah Barnhill


How in my weakness,

Do I find Your strength,

How in my thirst,

Do You offer me a drink,

How in my hunger,

Do You set a place for me at Your table,

How in my uncertainty,

Are You so stable,

How in my loss,

Do You consider me found,

Why in the rough water,

You didn’t let me drown,

How in my fear,

Do You always draw near,

How in my doubt,

Do I hear Your truth resound,

When I am alone,

You run to my side,

When I fail,

You honor that I tried,

You pick me back up,

And fill up my cup,

You always restore,

For You know what’s in store,

You sent Your Son to die on the cross,

Even though You knew I’d fall,

You loved me through it all,

You chose me that day,

A decision long ago made,

In all of Your pain,

It was me that You claimed,

It was me that You saved,

It was me that You sought,

To call a child of God,

It was in my ordinary,

That You made me extraordinary

about sarahSarah, 21, is from Texas and is the middle sibling out of three girls in the Barnhill family. She recently graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with her Bachelor’s degree. Her favorite snack happens to be Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos!

The 5 Body Types

There are 5 body types identified as most common in women. Understanding what type most resembles your own can give you ideas of how to dress in a flattering manner while also identifying what to avoid. Applying these concepts will help you to dress your best and find clothing that you can feel most comfortable in. Considering that our clothes speak for us, we want that same message to honor God and to be a positive example to the world around us by dressing with excellence.

Colossians 3:23 – And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.  



PEAR – narrow shoulders, small waist and fuller bottom

This shape is all about balance, drawing the eye up and elongating the lower half. But How?



  • Detailed necklines with ruffles and body are a flattering choice. Layering scarves, jackets and vests up top can help with balancing a thicker bottom.
  • Darker colors on your bottom half will minimize width and lengthen the legs. On top keep colors bright and playful. Play around with shiny fabrics to draw the eye up.
  • Wear skirts that cut off below the knee, particularly handkerchief hems and asymmetric cuts.
  • Cinched in waist dresses and empire line styles can hide any problem areas and accentuate a smaller waist.
  • Choose tops and jackets that end either above or below the widest part of your hips.



RECTANGLE – small bust, small waist, narrow hips, proportionate upper and lower body

 This body shape is all about creating shape! But How?



  • Pleating, detailing, prints, pleats, and more can create curves on the bust and hips, which make them great options for slender ladies.
  • On the bottom your belts, pocket detailing as well as A-line and full skirts look great on you.
  • A waist can be created in a number of ways, from belts around the waist to well-cut tailored jackets that flare out just below.
  • Tailored items will always look best on you, whilst boxy items will just swamp your body. You need tailoring to create form.
  • Rounded toe shoes round the legs off and can give them some shape.



APPLE – a full upper body with larger chest, thicker waist, thicker hips

This shape is all about complimenting smaller legs and bringing balance to the body. But how?



  • Keep tops tailored. Cinched waist tops and classically tailored jackets will give you a great form. They will also create a waist when you are thicker around the middle. Wrap-around tops look flattering as well!
  • Darker colors on top will minimize and slim the torso while you can go mad with colors, patterns and textures like chiffon and silk on the bottom. A little bit of a flare or ruffle in your skirt will also balance.
  • Empire waist dresses will create balance and will disguise any areas you want to hide.



HOURGLASS – full bust, small waist, and larger hips with the same width of shoulder and hips, a very well defined waist

This body shape is all about flattering your figure by creating balance. But How?



  • Wrap around tops and dresses are great for an hourglass and bring emphasis to your naturally thin waist.
  • Fluted, 3/4 length and puff sleeves add proportion to a bust and torso and flatter bigger arms.
  • Uniform colors can be worn by hourglass figures but matt fabrics look best and stop you from looking ‘too much’. Thin weight woolen blends are a better option than big thick knits which add unwanted bulk. Silks and other shiny fabrics should be worn with care.
  • Prints down below, from floral to pinstripe will help balance an hourglass figure.



STRAWBERRY – Broad shoulders and bust, thick waist, narrow hips

This body shape is about balancing the top with the bottom. But how?



  • Darker or solid colors up top will minimize a larger bust and keep the eye from being drawn to a thicker waist. Also keep shirts a simpler pattern, avoiding too many ruffles or folds.
  • Keep busy patterns on the lower half to help draw the eye to the slimmer bottom and balance the heavier top. Try fuller skirts with ruffles and folds.
  • An A-line skirt will also work well for you. Avoid broad-shouldered and double-breasted jackets, both of which emphasize the shoulder line, and tops with drop-shoulders or batwing sleeves, which draw a lot of attention to the top of your body.
  • Add a touch that draws the eye downward–an interesting belt that rests at the hip line, or brightly colored or otherwise visually interesting shoes.