EXTRAordinary: Sarah Barnhill


How in my weakness,

Do I find Your strength,

How in my thirst,

Do You offer me a drink,

How in my hunger,

Do You set a place for me at Your table,

How in my uncertainty,

Are You so stable,

How in my loss,

Do You consider me found,

Why in the rough water,

You didn’t let me drown,

How in my fear,

Do You always draw near,

How in my doubt,

Do I hear Your truth resound,

When I am alone,

You run to my side,

When I fail,

You honor that I tried,

You pick me back up,

And fill up my cup,

You always restore,

For You know what’s in store,

You sent Your Son to die on the cross,

Even though You knew I’d fall,

You loved me through it all,

You chose me that day,

A decision long ago made,

In all of Your pain,

It was me that You claimed,

It was me that You saved,

It was me that You sought,

To call a child of God,

It was in my ordinary,

That You made me extraordinary

about sarahSarah, 21, is from Texas and is the middle sibling out of three girls in the Barnhill family. She recently graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with her Bachelor’s degree. Her favorite snack happens to be Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos!

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