My Journey to Modesty

Since I’ve been on campus at Sewanee University in Sewanee, TN –  I feel inspired to witness truth to all those that I encounter. I hope to be a light to all people: Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic and those who just don’t know Jesus. Because of this, I have felt inspired in my commitment to modesty all over again because covering my body in a college environment is something that people notice and it gives them an opportunity to ask me questions. Then I get to tell them why I do what I do, and more.

I don’t feel worried when people ask me “Why do you dress the way you do?” Instead I feel excited to answer these people. At Sewanee I dress just as I do for church even without my parents influence. I do not have anyone checking in on me but I do it because it makes me feel closer to God. My roommate Miranda from China said, “Wow you only wear skirts because you are a real lady!” and she says to all of her foreign friends, “Alexa has religion. That is why she dresses like a beautiful modest lady.” Even Miranda who knows nothing about Jesus or the Bible recognizes the beauty in clothing yourself modestly and she has given me the perfect opportunity to talk about Jesus. I connect a fashion blog I do with College Fashion and this is one of the ways I make it relative to non-apostolic girls at Sewanee! I also incorporate Sewanee events that I am dressing for, in edition to sharing about all the BEST sales.


Here are some of my favorite modesty tips and tricks:

  1. Layering Skirts: These skirts are fitted and I have one in all the neutral tones. Their purpose it to be put with a long shirt. The shirt covers my bottom so that the tight part of the skirt isn’t shown.
  2. Slip Extenders: If a skirt or dress isn’t long enough, slip extenders can take an outfit up a notch and make it modest as well! Also, it isn’t just apostolic girls wearing these right now! Yay for a trend we can rock too. You can find them on Etsy and at Alter’d State. They run around $50 so be prepared to invest. I promise it’s worth it in the end.
  3. Blazers: I love Blazers as they can dress up a BASIC OLD T. I love J Crew graphic comfy T Shirts but sometimes they just are not dressy enough so I add a blazer. This is an area where I love fun + classic! I love plaid, polka dot, neon, and basically any high end blazer!
  4. Crop tops: They work great for layering under clothes but not adding any more layers on the stomach! (I hate having a line or bunched up layer. It makes it extra hot and it’s not trimming for me.) I have one in every color from forever 21 and they are as cheep as $4!
  5. Sewing: Learning to sew makes your life 10X easier. Sewing gives you endless opportunities to make a look your own and make a look modest! Learn to sew, I promise it is worth it!


Alexa Dudley is 18 years old. She’s majoring in business/international and global studies and is on a pre-nursing track. Her hobbies include taking videos, blogging on her site, traveling, singing and hanging out with her best friends. Her favorite store is JCREW and her biggest dream right now is to go to China on a mission trip.

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