Ruth’s Renderings

After the death of her husband, Ruth was still in her prime.

Young, of good reputation, and with no children. What a promising future awaited her! It was time to find a husband, be fruitful, and enjoy a life of provision while she still had the potential.

From a logical standpoint, Moab was the best place to have a bright and successful future. She was raised in this land, knew the people, and was familiar with the lifestyle. Going to another land where she knew no one, was not familiar with the customs, culture, or faith was absurd! How was she to find a good man? How was she to fit-in and become favored in the eyes of the Israelites? Not to mention, Bethlehem was not an easy journey through the desert and over the river Arnon.

How many times have we tried taking our future into our own hands? We have plans, dreams, and inspirations of exactly what we want to be. We have already mapped it out in our minds the steps we will take to get to that picture-perfect resolute “arrival”.

It isn’t until we surrender and hand the reins to God that we get the life we deserve. Ruth probably could’ve had a comfortable life in Moab. She could’ve married a handsome young Moabite man and made a life for herself. But, there was something in Ruth that knew a life surrendered unto this God she yet did not know, would be better than anything she could conjure for herself.

I’m sure there were times that Ruth had her doubts. She had a discouraged, depressed, and hopeless mother-in-law. Naomi didn’t even have the confidence to be welcomed back into her homeland. So how was Ruth to feel? But, Ruth had devoted herself to Naomi and did her best in lifting her spirits and being her strength. Once settled in Bethlehem, their living conditions weren’t ideal. Ruth had to go into the fields after the reapers and collect the left-over barely to feed Naomi and herself.

Ruth had every right at this point to throw her hands up and yell, “I’m out of here! Why’d I come here in the first place?!” But yet, there was still an assurance within that she was where she needed to be. It didn’t look like a fairy tale story at the moment, but this was the best life.

Ruth stayed committed and surrendered to the Lord, and he brought her a man of more value and worth than any prized Moabite! On top of being very wealthy and successful, Boaz was a selfless and kind man. He provided for Ruth before even knowing her. He shared what was his and welcomed her to his table. He respected her and accepted her when she performed the ritual of submission. He did things properly and right before he took her as wife, being a God-fearing man. Boaz was beyond Ruth’s dreams for herself.

Ruth now had a wonderful husband, provisions and comfort, and a son that would be the blood line to Jesus Christ. This was the life God had given her because she surrendered her wants, control, and plans unto Him.

Ruth 3:12 “The Lord recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the Lord God Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.”

These were the loving words of Boaz unto Ruth. God sees your submission and faithfulness to Him. You will be rewarded if you simply trust in Him, let Him lead, and let Him do the rendering.

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Charity Huba is a 23 year old Floridian, fond of the State’s hot summers and tropical beauty. She is a leader in youth ministry, music ministry, and Sunday school. She has her degree in Political Science and works for the government in the Division of Elections. She adores quality time with her loved ones, musicals, and moon-lit nights.

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