Wise(wo)men Still Seek Him

The Wisemen got their name (wise-men) not because of their position, wealth, or intellect. The Bible doesn’t give much information on the wisemen, but we know that they were wealthy and astrologers/scientist.

They sought baby Jesus to worship Him, to bring valuable gifts, and to give Him a welcome He deserved. They did this by sacrificially giving to their lord.

They traveled for thousands of miles, the journey taking an estimated two years. Jesus was a toddler when they arrived. What commitment for them to forsake their comfortable lifestyle, their homes, and work to travel such a great distance. This took great sacrifice and faith not quite knowing what would be waiting for them once they arrived.

The wisemen put their lives on the line. When King Harrod heard about the threat to his reign over the Jews, he wanted the child killed. Thankfully the Wisemen were given a dream by God of the evil king’s plans and they fled for their lives. They left in the night and never returned to the king to let him know they had found Jesus. Scripture says that King Harrod was furious and spent the rest of his life seeking for the Wisemen to kill them. He murdered all male children two years old and younger in Bethlehem in attempt to destroy the savior (Matthew, chapter 2).

They selflessly gave precious gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These were costly and rare gifts that would’ve even been a sacrifice for wealthy magi.

My prayer for you this Christmas and holiday season is that you are a Wise(wo)man. Not in brains, career, or financial status. But, in how you give unto the Lord. The Wisemen would’ve never been considered such if it hadn’t been for their willingness to give of their time, energy, possessions, commitment, and faithfulness. Don’t love the Lord half heartedly, but give all of you to Him this Christmas. Give Him your worship, your finances, your time and energy, and your commitment. Be willing to sacrifice whatever it is God is needing from you. For no sacrifice is too large, no gift is too valuable to give unto our king of kings.

What can I give thee

Poor as I am

If I were a shepherd

I would bring a lamb

If I were a Wiseman

I would do my part

But, what I can I give

Give my heart

— In A Bleak MidWinter

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2 thoughts on “Wise(wo)men Still Seek Him

  1. Joy okwuonu says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! It is so easy to forget who we are in Christ and who we represent. We need to surrender our hearts and our minds to Christ, and God’s will this Christmas (and indeed year-long). It’s sooo easy to forget.

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