Apostolic Girl was founded by our editor, Shenae Huba Andrus, when she was just 16 years old. Shenae began this site in a world without Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and fashion blogs. She was ahead of her time and 11 years later, this ministry hasĀ been a source of encouragement and inspiration to young ladies across the globe.


Shenae is now married and living in Delaware with her husband, Joel, and their fur-baby, Behr. Together they pastor at Lighthouse Christian Center and are Youth President and wife for the NJ/DE Youth Department. Shenae has traveled across the nation through the ministry of Apostolic Girl, speaking at Ladies and Girls Conferences and continues to work with Ladies Ministries. This year, she released a curriculum called, “Silhouettes,” for young ladies, ages 12-18. (Check it out here.)

Apostolic Girl continues to share content both relevant and life changing for teen and college aged girls with the intention of growing and broadening its reach. With the site being a platform for voices and writers from every corner of the world, the mission of this ministry is to inspire, equip and bring a smile to every Christian young lady that is determined to stand strong in a broken world and proudly proclaim, “I am an Apostolic Girl.”

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Jodi shweky says:

    Hi Shenae, my daughter and I manufacture modest activewear. Snoga Athletics. Do you do any promotion of products through your social media? It us truly amazing at such a young age that you had this goal to spread gods teachings and inspire our youth.
    Blessings to you,
    Jodi Shweky- Snoga Athletics


  2. Kaila Cera says:

    Good Afternoon, I am a Apostolic Pentecostal girl and would like too find some advice on how too make friends at school while still living up too what God calls us to be.


  3. Wendy Ainsworth says:

    Hi! Do you take other writers or guest writers at any time? I love to write. I have completed a book, and am finishing one as we speak. They both will hopefully be published this year! I am about to begin a #MomBlog Soon!


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