When I go to a clothing store, I often head strait to the clearance. Before you judge, I got a Zara dress from Marshalls for NAYC for $12. That was a steal. It would be so easy to buy everything on sale. It may take a while to find the good stuff but it’s less stress to have to pay a full $50 for a dress you’ll probably only wear a couple times.

But, what happens when we get snags in our cheap $12 dresses from Marshalls? It’s just wasted money. Quality over quantity. That can go for many things in the life of an Apostolic Girl. But today, we’re gonna be talking about being sold out on yourself, for yourself, in honor of the King.

If you’re wondering why so many people go strait to the clearance, it’s because it’s cheap! They know it won’t last but it’s there and it’s cheap. That’s the only reason they’re there for it. If you have a bunch of guys “hitting” you up all the time, think about it. Self worth is so important because Jesus paid it all. You were and still are worth the blood of Jesus. Nobody deserves it, but He still paid it all. Maybe you like the attention, or you just want to be nice. But, in the end, you’re wasting your attention on not just these guys, but people who just want an easy friend. Don’t settle for the closest guy you see because he knows it won’t last. He knows why he’s there.

“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans‬ ‭8:38-39‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Be sold out on God! Be sold out and confident in who you are. I’m not saying don’t give any guy a chance. Not every guy is looking for what’s cheap. But you may view yourself as that if you let them view you as that too. Girl, you ain’t cheap. God gave us all the things he did to remind us daily that we deserve to be taken care of by the right person. But, in order to be sold out on a guy, you have to first be sold out on God, and then yourself. Like the scripture says, “nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God…”. If you’re sold out, nothing can get in between you and Him.

I may be only fifteen and have never had a boyfriend, or talked to many guys, but I know that putting myself down for it puts another opportunity down to confine in God. Just because you’re available, doesn’t mean you’re cheap. If you just wait on His will, I promise you He will send you the right person. Jesus knows the desires of your heart. You just gotta be sold out on yourself for now. The rest will fall in line, babe. 😉

Chelsea Hockensmith Bio

I’m Engaged!

I don’t want to be that annoying girl. You know, the one that talks about her boo and relationship all the time? But, can you let a girl testify!

I recently got engaged to an incredible man of God and I never knew the human heart had the capacity to feel this much love and joy. I’m 25 and we dated for a year and eight months. This is a little older and a little longer than most traditional “church culture” relationships. But, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Why? Because it was God’s perfect timing. I would like to share a bit of advice to the woman who’s finger has yet to be graced by a ring.

I encourage you ladies to never compare and envy the women around you. That’s a dangerous thing to do. Because that’s when you try to take your love story out of God’s hands and write it yourself. But, I assure you- He’s a way better author.

Be content as a single woman. Do not wait for life to start. Before I met Jericho, I had my own apartment, had become our church’s youth leader, was finishing up college, and was pursuing God’s will for my life as an individual. Granted, I wasn’t against a relationship, but I wasn’t seeking it out either. If you are not content without a relationship, you never will be with one.

Expect God to surpass your expectations! I know many women have created lists, naming off each characteristic they want in their future husband. If you’ve done that, I don’t want to discourage you. But, God superseded my expectations and dreams. Jericho is not what I envisioned! Even the way we met. I am the pastor’s daughter of a small church in Tallahassee (a lot of people don’t even know that’s the capital of Florida). I would’ve never thought God would’ve led the love of my life through our church doors as a FSU college student from New Jersey, a new resident of Tallahassee, who found our church online.

Don’t settle for mediocre. Be with someone who wows you! Where you have to seriously ask yourself, is this person real? “Too good to be true” does not exist with God. It is true no matter how unbelievably amazing! If we truly believe God is miraculous and a miracle worker, why can’t we expect Him to display that in our future spouse?

There’s been a debate over if there’s “the one” or if it’s simply a choice and God blesses whomever you choose. I don’t want to get too involved, but I will say that prayer, fasting, and seeking advice from Godly counsel is necessary when dating and moving towards marriage. It is the scariest and most stressful decision ever! But, God confirms His Word. It may not be easy, but He will make His way known. He is not the author of confusion. Genesis 24 gives us a perfect example of that when the servant prayed for the spouse God wanted for Isaac. God led Rebekah to the well and made it known the individual He wanted Isaac to marry according to His will.

Be encouraged, ladies, no matter your age or situation. Fairy tales are real if you do it His way. Trust and believe. Don’t rush His timing or doubt His will.

“Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” – Psalm 37:4-5

To my darling husband-to-be, “I hold you in my heart, for we have shared together God’s blessings.” – Philippians 1:7 

Charity Huba

Mothers Mention

The term “mother” used as a verb is defined as “bringing up a child with care and affection.” Motherhood is more than a matter of fertility, but also a God-given set of skills meant to nurture those who need to be fed and cared for. The woman who fulfills this roll in our lives is not always our biological mother. Sometimes the Lord puts women in our lives to lead us, mentor us, and impart wisdom to us for our future.

I think as girls, it’s hard for us to understand why our mothers worry so much, or get on our nerves about the concerns they have for our lives. The truth is, our mothers always desire for us to go beyond and achieve more than they ever did, and so they care even more for our futures. They have experienced things we haven’t, and they see the bigger picture of how our actions impact our futures.

There is going to be a time where you are let go into the world and it’s likely that you, yourself will begin to invest in others the same way you were invested in. Whether it be your daughter, or a young girl who needed the same care that you, yourself needed.


Bethany and Her Mother

I’m so thankful and blessed to have a mother who cares about my future and the choices I make. I would challenge each of you girls to not only honor and love your mother on this Mother’s Day, but to also find someone who has invested in you and had a strong impact in your life, and honor them. Happy Mother’s Day!

Bethany Marsh